At the southern end of the protected area lies the wetland of the Lagoon of the Alyki Kitrous. This region extends over approximately 1,500 hectares, including the lagoon of Kitrous, with its salt production unit, as well as the wetlands extending to its south, and reaching Korinos.


This whole region is particularly valuable as to the biodiversity it hosts and mainly as to its avifauna, its herpetofauna as well as the flora to be found there, thanks to its great diversity of habitats. These habitats range from the shallow lagoon waters, to its southern salty water marshes, the coastal scrubland and the sand dunes flanking the coastal zone.

The region belongs to the Natura 2000 network as the ‘ALYKES KITROUS – BROADER REGION’ Special Preservation Zone (code GR1250004) ranging over 1,440.56 hectares, while a part of it ranging over 1,558 hectares belongs to the broader avifauna ‘DELTA OF THE RIVERS AXIOS-LOUDIAS-ALIAKMON-ALYKES KITROUS» Special Preservation Zone (code GR1220010).

The lagoon at Alyki Kitrous extends at a point where the earth juts into the sea, Cape Atherida, and it hosts great numbers of coastal birds who feed, overwinter and reproduce here. Especially in winter, the lagoon offers impressive moments, thanks to the thousands of flamingos who gather in its shallow water.