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Food and Restaurant

An Experience

What’s almost as good as eating an inviting meal? Taking beautiful, drool-worthy food photos. They say you eat with your eyes, after all, and top food photographers are skilled at creating mouth-watering images clients will be quick to gobble up.

Close up

Taking stunning images of all manner of meals, from picnics in the park to an icy cocktail or the perfect slice of pie.

I also combine the love of storytelling with my love of color and shapes to produce food photography bursting with energy and personality.

Feel the taste

Working with Restaurateurs, PR teams and Publishers. Capturing the ambiance, food, kitchen, interior and exterior settings as well as guests enjoying their experience and portraits of proprietors, chefs and staff.

Photo shoot

in any place and field for exploring the quality of the raw food.

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Catalogue photography




Coffee photography


Salads photography



Custom photography for your restaurant, bar, beach club or hotel.

I can capture your new menu, food, drinks, interior, ambiance, your friendly staff and your enjoying customers.

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