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April at De Tulperij

April is here!It was time to visit one of the most beautiful tulip farms in Voorhout. “De Tulperij” … A big tulip farm very close to Leiden, in which you can see the tulip fields, take a small tour and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a sweet dessert (included in the entrance ticket). You can relax and admire the traditional showroom full of antiques, bulbs, flowers. The staff is very friendly and helpful.I suggest you visit “De […]

Empty streets of Amsterdam -New Year 2021

Into the winter’s days, a new year come and found empty streets,in city of Amsterdam. After the fireworks the city is quiet, and few people are in the streets. Is a corona virus era in first days of 2021.Lonely city,with colorful lights,fog,empty streets,and empty trams.


Deltawerk // tribute to Dutch engineering The Waterloopbos’s original function has now been long abandoned. The area was awarded the status of national monument in 2016. Artists Ronald Rietveld and Erick de Lyon were invited to turn the famous Delta Flume into an enormous piece of land art, which upon completion they entitled Deltawerk //. And certainly impressive it is too! The artists have cut enormous concrete panels from the 250 metre long Delta Flume, which they then turned and […]

Pyramid of Austerlitz

The “Pyramid of Austerlitz” is located at the highest point of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The monument dates from the time of Napoleon in the early 1800s. In 1804 General Marmont had the pyramid built by the French-Batavian army, as a tribute to his friend and example Napoleon Bonaparte. Inspired by his campaign to Egypt, Marmont chose a pyramid topped with an obelisk. This obelisk was made of wood and quickly fell into disrepair. Napoleon’s brother Louis Napoleon, at that time […]

Sint Vitus kerk-Hilversum Netherlands

The St. Vitus Church is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to St. Vitus in Hilversum. This neo-gothic church by Pierre Cuypers is intended for 1,800 people and dates from 1892. The church is now a national monument, and has been restored from 2003 to 2010. The tower is 98 m high, making it the highest neo-gothic church tower in the Netherlands.A seen through my lens…You can order prints in paper, canvas,metallic, acrylic  etc via email

Esonstad with fog , a day of November

A different photography approach in a very popular place.After the summer the bangalows vacation place in North Netherlands change dramatically. Without people, is a lonely small village lost into the fog.

Naarden – A unique place with unique view from above

Naarden is a extremely unique place in Netherlands. As you can see from above , a star appears as a form and the clouds reflecting on the water. Enjoy the colors of autumn…!!!

A day in Muiderslot

A beautiful Castle 15Km from Amsterdam city,with stunning botanical gardens,and excellent view .


One of the most famous museum in the Netherlands. Through my photo lens seeing the art of painting,sculptures,ceramics and many more…

Giethorn in pictures

A unique place in The Nethelands , with boats,excellent gardens, with houses coming from  a fairy tale,canals, and free of cars..!!