Kerkini Lake

Lake Kerkini is an artificial reservoir in Central Macedonia, Greece that was created in 1932, and then redeveloped in 1980, on the site of what was previously an extremely extensive marshland. This biosphere is recouped by the International Convention of Ramsar and presents numerous admirable elements. Thousands of birds, both rare and protected, riverside forests,… Continue reading Kerkini Lake

Vourvourou a small paradise on planet Earth

Vourvourou is a small fishing village around rocky coves, where scattered bars and seafood taverns cater to summer resort guests. Sheltered, shallow-water beaches include Karidi and Xifara, while boat rentals offer easy access to swimming and diving spots off nearby uninhabited islands.   A region could offer sea with the characteristics of a lake, a mountain… Continue reading Vourvourou a small paradise on planet Earth

Zandvoort from above

Zandvoort is a Dutch coastal town located close to Amsterdam. The town is a popular seaside resort, thanks to its long, sandy beach on the North Sea. Bloemendaal aan Zee, is a smaller region with his own beach, and located on the northern part. Zandvoort contains the southern portion of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. Long field… Continue reading Zandvoort from above

Aerial view of Almere

There is a place near to Amsterdam with unique architectural design, a very beautiful town with excellent shape. Geometry and lines is important to make agood photography. In Almere you have only to take a look from above. And voilĂ ..!!

Another view of Amsterdam

At the difficult era of Corona virus pandemic everything seems lonely in Amsterdam. A big city without crowd in the streets and squares. Spring is coming ,but you can see a sadness in the air.