Vourvourou a small paradise on planet Earth

Vourvourou is a small fishing village around rocky coves, where scattered bars and seafood taverns cater to summer resort guests. Sheltered, shallow-water beaches include Karidi and Xifara, while boat rentals offer easy access to swimming and diving spots off nearby uninhabited islands.   A region could offer sea with the characteristics of a lake, a mountain… Continue reading Vourvourou a small paradise on planet Earth

Zandvoort from above

Zandvoort is a Dutch coastal town located close to Amsterdam. The town is a popular seaside resort, thanks to its long, sandy beach on the North Sea. Bloemendaal aan Zee, is a smaller region with his own beach, and located on the northern part. Zandvoort contains the southern portion of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. Long field… Continue reading Zandvoort from above

Aerial view of Almere

There is a place near to Amsterdam with unique architectural design, a very beautiful town with excellent shape. Geometry and lines is important to make agood photography. In Almere you have only to take a look from above. And voilĂ ..!!

Another view of Amsterdam

At the difficult era of Corona virus pandemic everything seems lonely in Amsterdam. A big city without crowd in the streets and squares. Spring is coming ,but you can see a sadness in the air.

April at De Tulperij

April is here!It was time to visit one of the most beautiful tulip farms in Voorhout. “De Tulperij” … A big tulip farm very close to Leiden, in which you can see the tulip fields, take a small tour and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a sweet dessert (included in the entrance… Continue reading April at De Tulperij