Zandvoort is a Dutch coastal town west of Amsterdam. The town is a popular seaside resort, thanks to its long, sandy beach on the North Sea. To the north lies Bloemendaal aan Zee, a smaller beach. Zandvoort contains the southern portion of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. The large park includes coastal dunes, trails and the Kennemerduinen Visitor Center (Bezoekerscentrum), which was modeled on a 7th-century farm

Summers with its pavilions, events and hustle and bustle in the village. Autumn with its fighting deer, beautiful colours and man-sized wisents. In winter the cosy beach walks and spring with its budding nature. Every season you will discover a different side of Zandvoort, so no visit need be the same.

he combination of the four cores makes Zandvoort unique. Especially since each core has a rich history, which has shaped the cores into what they are today. The village breathes fishing culture in many places. Racing culture flares up during Formula 1. And, of course, World War II, which not only shaped the promenade and the circuit, but can still be found in nature.

Zandvoort is surrounded by nature and easily accessible. Especially if you opt for sustainable transport. Because Zandvoort is the only coastal town with a direct train connection from Haarlem and Amsterdam almost to the beach. And you can also get there in no time by bus, by bike or on a borrowed scooter.