The contemporary concept of urban architecture in the Netherlands is unique. It combines usability and functionality with the beauty of the landscape and the comfort of life.

Almere is the newest city in the Netherlands: the land on which the city sits, the Southern Flevoland polder, was reclaimed from the IJsselmeer from 1959 to 1968. The first house was finished in 1976, and Almere became a municipality in 1984. It has the largest population of the municipalities in Flevoland with 214,715 citizens in 2021 and the 7th largest in the Netherlands. In October 2007, the city council of Almere made agreements with the government to expand the city to 350,000 inhabitants by 2030.

Bordering Lelystad and Zeewolde, the municipality of Almere comprises six official areas that are the districts of Almere Stad (which is further split up into Almere Stad Oost, Almere Stad West and Almere Centrum), Almere Buiten and Almere Pampus (which is currently being designed), and the boroughs of Almere Haven, Almere Hout and Almere Poort. Four of them feature official district or borough offices] Furthermore, it also comprises the unofficial historic district and neighborhood Oostvaardersdiep, which has an active semi-self-governing community] and the planned district of Almere Oosterwold. Almere is part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA).

Interested in architecture? Feast your eyes on De Citadel, The Wave and Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland. Many renowned architects have demonstrated their skills here. And Almere is rightly proud of the result, with the city showcasing some of the finest examples of modern architecture to be found anywhere.

Almere has everything you need for a wonderful day out in any season. With over 400 stores, the new center is ideal for shopping, and the more than 42 kilometers of coastline is perfect for beach and water sports enthusiasts. For example, this city in the Flevopolder has the largest catamaran beach in Europe, and surfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts will be in their element at Surfstrand Almere Haven and Atlantis Beach.

The city is surrounded by beautiful forests, lakes and polders, which are known for their unique flora and fauna. The most special nature reserve is without a doubt the Oostvaardersplassen. You can spot remarkable birds and possibly encounter wild boars, red deer, roe deer, beavers, and even seals.