The Enipea gorge starts from Prionia and ends at Litochoro (“Mills” location). It is drained by the river Enipeas. The entrance to the gorge is on the left just before the bar in Prionia. The gorge has several wooden bridges and many small waterfalls. Near the monastery of Agios Diunisios is the twin waterfall and the cave.
The length of the route from Prionia to Litochoro is approximately 12 km. The route from Prionia to the cave is downhill and then there are several ups and downs. The river water is very cold (just above zero degrees)

Enipeas  gorge has been developed and exploited to the extent that it attracts many tourists every year. The name of the river comes from a sea deity, father of Pelias and Niles and husband of Tyros. It is a personification of Poseidon.

The visitor feels the awe of nature at the altitude of 300 meters where the gorge is located, but nothing compares to the view from 800 meters high, in the clouds where he sees the peaks of the mountain