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-High Quality Printed Canvas-

The drone images of Doirani Lake capture the various moods of the lake throughout the day. The calm, glass-like surface of the lake at sunrise or sunset is a sight to behold. The vibrant colors of the sky are reflected in the water, creating a stunning mirror effect. The images captured at noon showcase the different shades of blue and green of the water and the surrounding nature. The images captured at dusk highlight the transition from day to night, with the lake reflecting the fading light of the sun.

Apart from the natural beauty of the lake, the drone images also showcase the man-made structures that have been built around it. The lake’s shoreline is dotted with small settlements, fishing boats, and restaurants that add to the charm of the area. The drone images capture the unique character of each settlement and how they blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Doirani Lake is also home to a diverse ecosystem, with various species of birds, fish, and plants that call it home. The drone images capture the different habitats that have developed around the lake, from the dense vegetation along the shoreline to the open waters of the lake itself. The images also showcase the migratory birds that visit the lake during the different seasons, adding to the lake’s biodiversity.

The drone images of Doirani Lake are a must-see for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 70 × 50 cm
Canvas: high quality printed canvas
Size: 50×70 cm


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