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Kerkini v14

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Embark on a mesmerizing visual journey through the ethereal landscapes captured in my low-altitude drone shots of Kerkini Lake. These aerial photographs encapsulate the sheer beauty of nature with a focus on the intricate interplay of lines, shapes, and textures. From the heavens, the sinuous lines of the lake’s shoreline unfold like an artist’s brushstroke, creating a harmonious dance with the surrounding terrain. The unique perspective afforded by the drone allows for an exploration of the dynamic shapes carved out by the meeting of land and water, transforming the lake into a canvas of natural artistry.

As the lens descends to lower altitudes, a symphony of avian life comes into view, with birds in graceful flight or nestled along the water’s edge. The images capture the balletic movements of these winged creatures, accentuating the fluidity of life in this pristine ecosystem. The reflective surface of the lake mirrors the vivid hues of the sky, creating a seamless horizon where water and firmament merge in a breathtaking display of color. Each photograph becomes a visual poem, telling the story of Kerkini Lake’s boundless beauty through the elemental language of lines, shapes, birds, water, and the expansive horizon that stretches to the limits of the observer’s imagination.

High quality Printed Photo Canvas

Canvas: high quality printed canvas
Size: 50×70 cm


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