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Vourvourou a small paradise on planet Earth

Vourvourou is a small fishing village around rocky coves, where scattered bars and seafood taverns cater to summer resort guests.

Sheltered, shallow-water beaches include Karidi and Xifara, while boat rentals offer easy access to swimming and diving spots off nearby uninhabited islands.

  A region could offer sea with the characteristics of a lake, a mountain covered with thick forests and nine unique islands, visible from the beach.

Unique colors and shapes in a rare natural environment.

A different view from the sky,with sun reflection early the morning.

With its nine-island archipelago, Vourvourou is a unique destination in Halkidiki. These islands group together to form a bay between them and the mainland.

When we came across the Blue Lagoon we have not resisted to not make a break. Blue Lagoon is something that is really rarely seen and what cannot be described in words. Vastness of the sea, like a huge swimming pool between the islands of Diaporos.

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