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Estuaries of Strymonas river

A different journey to Nature

In the unique region of Macedonia in Greece, just right next to the borders of the Serres prefecture, we discover the estuaries of Strymonas river.

A magnificent protected wetland and wildlife sanctuary. The wetland is a coastal river Delta with salt marshes, brackish lagoons, wet meadows and reed beds.


The wetland is a coastal river delta with salt marshes, brackish lagoons, wet meadows and reed beds.

It’s a particularly important area for breeding, transiting and wintering waterfowl.

The port of Amphipolis has been located since Antiquity at the estuaries of Strymonas river, in which Alexander the Great began his campaign in Asia.


The roots of the name “Strymonas” is very interesting. According to Brittanica, the name of the river has Thracian roots and becomes form the word “sru” meaning stream from the English word “stream”, the word “sruaimm” meaning river in ancient Irish, the Lithuanian word “straumuoe” meaning also stream, the Greek “stream” and the Albanian “rryme” meaning flowing water.


Greek mythology states that Strymonas was king of Thrace and son of Ares. When his son Rhesus was killed in the Trojan War, King Strymons fell from his grief into the river which until then was called Palestine, and from then on it took his name.

During ancient times, the river was navigable, in a large part of it, from its mouth in the Thracian Sea near the port of Hion to the huge ancient lake Kerkinitida that spread over almost the entire plain of Serres.

Strymonas along its entire course creates one of the most biodiverse areas in Europe. Over 1,300 plant species have been recorded around it. Water-loving willows, alders, privets, poplars, sycamores and tamarisks crown its banks from the border to the estuary.

The river’s estuary into the sea creates a multitude of different habitats in which species such as stone terns, mud terns, sickle terns, marsh terns, rare sea eagles, black-headed gulls, palm terns, sandpipers, oystercatchers and many whistlers find food and shelter. Among the birds of prey, one can find griffon eagles, golden eagles, screech eagles,  buzzards,  swifts, peregrine falcons, golden eagles, kestrels, owls, dwarf owls, harriers .

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