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Real Estate Photography and Videography pricing

Aerial Photography: Trust the sky for showcasing your property

Aerial photography, or drone photography, is a splendid way to raise your buyer’s interest to a whole new level. Compared to satellite photography, aerial photography offers the bird’s-eye perspective of the house and its surroundings, the location of the house and how it compares to other roads and infrastructures.

Property near a beach

Even if the house is located near the beach or somewhat away from it, the clients are interested to know how close is to the beach. Aerial photographs are an irreplaceable solution for this kind of knowledge. In addition, if these photographs are accompanied by detailed description of the possible ways that one can reach the beach, for example on foot or on bike, an extra value is added to the property.   

Urban property

Aerial photography is a must when the property is in a city, since it displays many of its features like vistas, parks, highways, bus and metro locations, cultural and athletic spots, around the house or in a distance. By providing the buyer such information you help him to get a sense of the functionalities of the city.

Pro Photo – Basic

Best for listings under 500k 30 – 40 Interior/Exterior Marketing Images Next-Day Online Delivery Editing in High-Res 225€

Add 10 Images for 50€

Pro Photo + Aerial

30 – 40 Interior/Exterior
 Marketing Images +8 High-Quality Aerial Images Next -Day Online Delivery+ Editing High-Res
From 450€

Add 10 Images for 50€

Pro Photo – All Inclusive

30 – 40 Interior / Exterior Marketing Images +8 High-Quality Aerial Images +60 Secs of Aerial Video Next Day Delivery Editing in High-Res +video

From 649€

Add 10 Images for 50€

Add-On Services

Aerial Photos: 12 photos edited in HiRes 200 €

Aerial Video: 60 sec of video in Mp4 format 250€

Aerial Video + Photo: 12 photos edited in HiRes + 60 sec of video in Mp4 format 390€

Aerial 90-120sec video edited with titles and graphics in 4k resolution 690€

All prices do not include insurance coverage , tax, and transportation fee.