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Potidaia an isthmus in Chalkidiki

Busy Nea Poteidaia is home to a landmark canal where the ruins of ancient fort walls and a Doric tomb overlook fishing boats passing between the Toroneos and Thermaic gulfs

The beach is very long and wide, sandy on the shore and in the water, with gradual depth and shoal. Given the fact that the beach is very long, there are parts of the beach with shorter shoal and the depth is reached faster. There places with stones in the water on the outskirts the beach, but they are easily be avoided because 90% of the beach is sandy. Part of the beach located in front of the channels (toward Thessaloniki) has longer shoal compared to the one in the central part of Nea Potidea, where the most of tourists are located, though the beach in the central part also has shoal and gradual depth.

Anemoni Beach has water sports by day and discos after dark.

?he small harbour town of Nea Potidea is near the narrowest point of the Potidea isthmus that binds the peninsula to the mainland.

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