Semitsoglou Ioannis has a gift for capturing the personalities and unique essence of his subjects.

He enjoys photographing families, seniors, infants and children. Browse through the gallery of images and see how he captures each of his subjects with amazing creativity, empathy and intuition. His portrait photography is as diverse as the personalities of the people he photographs. Some pieces are vibrant and joyful, while some more personal and subtle. Though every portrait has at least one thing in common: the sensitive and thoughtful approach of the artist behind the camera.

Ioannis seeks to create the sort of photographs and portraits that can be either elegantly displayed in a home or given as gifts and one day be valued and treasured as family heirlooms. Whether you’re looking for family or senior, pregnancy or maternity, baby or children, engagement or nude / boudoir portraits for yourself or someone close to you, consider PixelMixer Studio Photography.