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Kerkini Lake

Lake Kerkini is an artificial reservoir in Central Macedonia, Greece that was created in 1932, and then redeveloped in 1980, on the site of what was previously an extremely extensive marshland.

This biosphere is recouped by the International Convention of Ramsar and presents numerous admirable elements. Thousands of birds, both rare and protected, riverside forests, water-lilies in a large area, fish variety and fantastic panoramic view from the mountains of Belasica and Krousia give it a characteristic tone.


The lake was created where Kerkini lake was by making embankments on the eastern and western sides and a dam was constructed near the village of Lithotopos, which started functioning in 1932

After the construction of the dam, the form of the initial hydrobiosphere changed completely

As time went by, the lake’s capacity was reduced because of the substances that were washed up by Strymon river. So the rising of the embankments and the construction of a new dam was necessary, which was started operating in 1982.

The human intervention usually retracts or takes negative action against the natural processes. Lake Kerkini is a rare example, where the gentle human handling has had the exact opposite result.

The ancient greek buffalo “Vouvali” and the relevant activity is one of the most important thing you have to visit all year round. Buffalo’s life between river and lake, the buffalo unique products, the freelance life, the buffalo’s wonderfoul eyes and of course the buffalo gastronomy is probably one of the most interesting new adventure actions near Kerkini

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