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Kalohori-Thessaloniki a natural canvas

The lagoon of Kalochori constitutes the northern gate of the National Park, lying at a mere 8 km. from the city of Thessaloniki. This coastal wetland is of special interest since despite being at the edge of a large urban center with all the pressures that brings, it constitutes one of the most important areas of the National Park, hosting great numbers of birds and other organisms throughout the year.

The case of the lagoon of Kalochori is unique in Greece, as it constitutes a ‘young’ wetland, created gradually from the mid-60’s, as the result of the subsidence of the earth due to the excessive pumping of water from underground aquifers, combined with the loose composition of the soil.

Shapes of stone and red carpet of soil mixed with small shrubs and a wooden bridge for the walkers…

A unique approach of the stone construction with colors of grey…

A canvas appear when you look from above..

Like a painter has mixed the colors water and stone

Water causes colors to flow into this table of nature

Construction of physical processes make this place a beautiful paint

Beyond your imagination is this unique view….

When the water goes for a while……

Shapes,lines,colors,geometry compose this table

Entering the zone follow the red soil

At the end of the day everything is going to be more yellow and dark…..
Fishermen’s huts

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